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Increased toll charges DE from 01.12.2023 ⚠
Bundestag approves leap in truck toll increase despite massive criticism from the freight forwarding and logistics industry From December 1, 2023, a CO₂ component will be added to the truck toll, which will almost double the costs. From July 2024, lighter trucks with a payload of 3.5 tons or more will also be required to pay the toll. The new regulation will lead to significant additional revenue in the federal budget of around 30 billion euros in the years 2024 to 2027.
DSLV - Figures, data, facts on the toll increase from 01.12.2023/ 01.07.2024
Please use the following links to download the toll fee documents valid from 01.12.2023 as an attachment to your latest offer:
  • Toll fee table